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MBX Magnetic Clamping Blocks

MBX magnetic clamping blocks have opposite clamping sides when turned ON. Designed to clamp workpieces to steel surfaces, such as machinery or worktables. Ideal for applications such as welding, deburring, tapping or machining operations.

With two different shaped clamping surfaces, almost any workpiece geometry can be held such as: flat, round, square or custom profiles. Clamps allow machining on 5-sides, reducing the number of operations.


Powerful ON/OFF Permanent 2-sided Magnet

Holds Flats, Round, Square Workpiece Geometry

90° swing ON/OFF Activation

Nickel-plated Housing

3rd Clamping Side for Vertical Holding

Turns ON/OFF on Either End

Use Hex Rod to Join Two Clamps (not included)

Sold in Pairs

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