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RST Classic 6 & 7 Pole

The RST® 20i6 and 20i7 - 250 V / 400 V (UL600V) - 20 A (3x20 A / 4x5 A) - 0,2 mm² - 2,5 mm² - screw and crimp fittings - 6-pole and 7-pole - Different caption of the pole, appropriate for the application - Mechanical coding: Protection against dangerous confusion - Integrated device protection: water stop through longitudinally watertight contacts

RST® 20i6 - A total of three codings ensure both mechanical and color differentiation of the various circuits. To increase safety, a distinction is also drawn between applications with and without protective earth. The compact connectors with key data 250/400V; 600V UL/CSA, 20A, IP 66 / 68 (3m; 2h) / 69 offer high modularity and adaptability to the requirements of the application. Connectors are available in straight or angled versions, as well as for all common cable diameters.

RST® 20i7 - Multi-functionality requires a higher number of poles. The system components, rated for up to 20 A, can accommodate cables of up to a maximum 2.5 mm² and are available with screw or crimp fittings. The 7-pole variants are available with a total of 3 codings. Different codings within the RST series allow a mechanical and visual separation from other circuits.

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